Top 5 Ideas: How to Market Holistic Medicines Online

CBD and dropper

Post on Reddit

One of the best places to find people who are into holistic medicines is on Reddit. If you become a regular participant in various relevant categories, then you’ll have the opportunity to influence members of your groups. Just keep in mind, you need Reddit karma to participate in the best groups. Earning karma can be slow, but the rewards are vast.

Do an Online Giveaway

Try a platform like Gleam to host your next online giveaway. Check with the laws in each state first, but a giveaway of CBD oil or kratom would attract a lot of interest. You’ll find that people will not only participate, but they’ll share your contest. Then, you’ll have access to new markets you hadn’t thought of.

Post Photos on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? If not, why not? This is arguably the most popular social media platform for image sharing. So, get your pics up and start building a following. One way to drive traffic to your site from Instagram is with LinkIn.Bio. The service clones your Instagram profile and provides clickable links.

Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the most lucrative ways to drive traffic to a website, and this is especially true if you’re writing about holistic medicines. The secret of course is to produce 10x content. This means that you need to research all of the top ranking pages for your keywords, and ask yourself, how can I do it 10x better? Figure that out, and you’ll blow away your competition.

Start an Affiliate Program

Don’t start an affiliate program until you’re certain that your product and promotions convert to sales. But, once you’ve got good numbers, spread the wealth! People with websites have lots of underutilized traffic, and possible commissions for posting a link or two can add up to good money. One good place to start is Shareasale.